• G5 Bypass shell V1.6
Desciption :

G5 PhpSHell V1.6 2011


This tool is designed for penetration testing, enabling you to control access the Web server that is running the tool on it. Is lifting the tool on one of the directory on the web server and then call it by the link from the browser and direct the work.
Tool where you work a TCP connection between you and the server fordifferent processes

A new concept for Shell Script:

I think a shell script tool is not a tool for Attack only , but they are an effective tool to detect internal weaknesses to the security of servers and websites,

It certainly is an important tool for any security expert for web servers and crackers together, which it is only tool capable of exploring the weaknesses of the internal servers and sites in practice.


In fact I was hesitant a lot in the last year before starting the project’ Many reasons, including the famous works provide a tools for the same purpose Such as C99, R57 ..etc

However, after analysis the source code for the tools , I found that the time has has passed, firstly the tools it has become so famous, and all the protections disrupt their work revealed

Which also prompted me to program this tool is that all the tools in the arena now somewhat outdated, as it has not been developed to suit the ongoing evolution of the security of web servers,

Because many of it don't have the functions and tactics to avoid Advanced protection and adopted the tactics and functions have become known to all the protections

Adopted in this version a little bit away from the tradition, and use of new tactics to bypass some of the protections, with exclusive tools with built shell tool.

Also provides support for the new version of PHP6.
For the first time , full support all common databases, the following::
MySQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2.

Scientific Secretariat:
95% of the source code writing private by me, and the rest I thank the owners within the tool.

- Contains all the basic functions and a lot of new additions.

- New > Dealing with all databases (MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle , DB2).

- Contains exclusive ideas and tactics .

- bypass protection by exclusive ways.

- Sophisticated platform to discover the weak points on external servers as exploit scanner.

- A files browser able to access files to users , In some cases root folder without barriers.

- Special options for dealing with forums and other popular script.

- Brief contains the important tools with exclusive ideas.

- upload the files to the server, even in safe mode by three methods.

- transfer the entire user folder to another user by push a button.

- five Professional ways for the drag any file.

- A special system to mass index for databases and files.

- Register directly to Zone-H.

- For the first time stylish and attractive design.

- Exhaustive search tools and advanced

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